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The GRAVES BROTHERS DELUXE are spirits who arrived early 1998 in San Francisco after decades of cross-dressing and sleeping under bridges in downtown Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Immediately, the Brothers took possession of Stoo Odom, a newly expatriated New Orleans native and recovering archaeologist. Odom had served time as bassist in cult heroes THIN WHITE ROPE before making the trek to SF, where he now resides in the Mission surrounded by transplanted wistaria, honeysuckle, prostitutes, and Mayan cuisine. He has also toured with SUBARACHNOID SPACE and recorded on their acclaimed "Also Rising" CD and "Tigris" split LP with BARDO POND.

Anchored in Odom's psyche, the Brothers extended their control over a remarkable array of Bay Area musicians, releasing them periodically to move on to other host bodies. Among the past possessed:

* Nolan Cook (guitar, RESIDENTS, LAND OF THIN DIMES)
* Roger Kunkel (guitar, THIN WHITE ROPE, the ACME ROCKET QUARTET)
* Amr Toppozada (guitar, LUNCHBOX)
* Bruce Todd (drums, GRANFALOON BUS, DINGLE)

Under the guidance of SF producer-guru Desmond Shea (ex-RHYTHM & NOISE, TRIAL), the Graves Brothers Deluxe have churned out quite a catalog and garnered critical acclaim in the US and Europe.

Now controlling the wills of Odom (vocals, bass, Flippytronics), Willy the Mailman (guitar/ sax), and Marco Villalobos (drums/ things), the Brothers alternate between noise-scapey garage-pop and dark parlor music, drawing comparisons from SONIC YOUTH to CREEDENCE CLEARWATER to the STOOGES to SUN RA. Art-Fag Garage, if you will. They've toured the US, Spain, and Mexico and made a variety of radio and TV appearances, most notably on Radio 3 (Spanish national TV's version of Top of the Pops). Equally at home in smoky nightclubs or an array of birthday, wedding, and Satanic Christmas celebrations, the Graves Brothers Deluxe are out to get you. Keep your lucky trinkets around or they'll possess you, too.


* "Shotgun Silence"/ "Dirty Blue" 7" (Lather Records, 1998)
* Little Love Things CD/ LP (Munster Records, 2000)
* "Honey," track on Fuck the Millennium compilation CD (Munster Records, 2001)
* "I Hate You," track on 7" tribute to the monks (Electro-Harmonix, 2002)
* gonna happen to you CD (Unsafe at Any Speed, 2002)
* Filter Feeders EP (Good Forks, 2003)
* Cruzando La Pinche Frontera 7" split Picture Disc w/ LAS ULTRASONICAS (Munster Records, 2005)
* Light CD (Good Forks, 2005)